Squeaky and Happy:  

How do you know how good your pet sitter is?

The woman who cleans my house and has for over 20 years. Told me that in the past, when she came in, the cats would be all over her, demanding attention.

She said that since Sue started to cat-sit they just came o the door, said a cat "hello" and went back to their spots in the window. She said she felt they were having enough attention.

So that's one measure of a good cat sitter.

Penelope.  Dundas ON

‍Milo ‍and ‍Fei:  Our ‍yellow ‍labs ‍and ‍Simon ‍our ‍very ‍large ‍cat ‍have ‍been ‍enjoying ‍Sue’s ‍excellent ‍care ‍for ‍a ‍few ‍years ‍now.  We ‍are ‍not ‍always ‍the ‍best ‍at ‍planning ‍ahead ‍and ‍really ‍appreciate ‍that ‍she ‍is ‍usually ‍available ‍to ‍help ‍us ‍out.  We ‍get ‍thorough ‍updates ‍about ‍all ‍their ‍antics ‍while ‍she ‍visits, ‍feeds ‍and/or ‍walks ‍the ‍labs.  It ‍is ‍so ‍comforting ‍that ‍they ‍are ‍all ‍so ‍well ‍cared ‍for ‍in ‍our ‍absence.

‍MONTY:  Thank ‍you ‍to ‍Aunt ‍Sue ‍for ‍taking ‍such ‍great ‍care ‍of ‍Monty ‍over ‍the ‍last ‍few ‍years ‍during ‍our ‍vacation ‍periods.  It ‍is ‍a ‍huge ‍relief ‍to ‍know ‍that ‍someone ‍is ‍caring ‍for ‍him ‍as ‍intently ‍as ‍we ‍do.  We ‍don’t ‍need ‍to ‍worry… ‍which ‍is ‍so ‍wonderful.

‍BAXTER:  We’ve ‍been ‍very ‍fortunate ‍to ‍find ‍Sue ‍to ‍assist ‍us ‍in ‍caring ‍for ‍Baxter ‍in ‍his ‍senior ‍years.  We’re ‍now ‍able ‍to ‍work ‍or ‍play ‍for ‍long ‍hours ‍and ‍leave ‍Baxter’s ‍walks ‍and ‍feeding ‍in ‍Sue’s ‍capable ‍hands.  On ‍our ‍first ‍meeting ‍it ‍was ‍obvious ‍how ‍caring ‍and ‍professional ‍she ‍is ‍and ‍continues ‍to ‍be.   Catherine ‍and ‍Neil, ‍Baxter’s ‍parents

‍Quin ‍and ‍Hudson:  Sue ‍is ‍extremely ‍conscientious ‍and ‍reliable.  I ‍know ‍I ‍can ‍depend ‍on ‍her.  My ‍dogs ‍literally ‍jump ‍for ‍job ‍when ‍she ‍arrives!  Kim ‍and ‍Paul, ‍Dundas ‍ON

Moose:  I feel confident that Sue comes as promised and gives my dog the attention he deserves.  Joanne in Dundas

Cheerio:  Sue absolutely loves dogs and puts all her love into her work!  Joe in Dundas

‍Levi:  Honest.  Reliable.  Conscientious.  That’s ‍Sue.  Levi ‍loves ‍her.  Hamilton ‍ON

Molly:  Sue from Wags and Whiskers is my Aunt and a dear friend of our little girl Molly Ringwald!  Molly loves nothing more than getting out on walks with our friends from Wags and Whiskers and always comes home with a smile!  We highly recommend them and love the professional spirit they back their service with and look forward to many more visits.

Sunni and Max the cat:  Sue has been a godsend to me this past year and a half.  I trust her implicitly with my animals and in my home.  Sunni loves her so much and lights up when I mention Sue’s name.  My cat Max who is on the timid side absolutely adores her as well.  I have called her last minute a few times and Sue never disappoints.  I would highly recommend Sue for your dog walking needs, she’s very personable and reliable.  She’s great!  Margaret in Hamilton.

Sophie:  Sophie just loved the week that Sue walked me twice a day.  She is the best.  Mary and Martin, Dundas ON

‍Sacha:  Sue ‍is ‍really ‍sweet, ‍attentive ‍and ‍her ‍service ‍gives ‍me ‍peace ‍of ‍mind ‍when ‍I ‍am ‍at ‍work ‍and ‍Sasha ‍is ‍alone ‍at ‍home.  Sasha ‍enjoys ‍her ‍walks ‍with ‍Sue ‍and ‍sometimes ‍doesn’t ‍want ‍to ‍let ‍her ‍leave.  Sue ‍is ‍very ‍good ‍with ‍communication, ‍sending ‍me ‍texts ‍and ‍leaving ‍notes.  I ‍trust ‍her ‍entering ‍my ‍home ‍when ‍I ‍am ‍not ‍there.  She ‍gives ‍me ‍updates ‍and ‍is ‍also ‍attentive ‍with ‍Sasha ‍asking ‍questions ‍if ‍she ‍notices ‍my ‍dog ‍is ‍off.  Sasha ‍has ‍been ‍walked ‍by ‍Sue ‍for ‍4 ‍years ‍now ‍and ‍Sue ‍has ‍been ‍very ‍good ‍when ‍I ‍move ‍and ‍always ‍makes ‍an ‍effort ‍to ‍ensure ‍she ‍meets ‍me ‍to ‍see ‍what ‍the ‍new ‍routine ‍may ‍be.  Sasha ‍enjoys ‍her ‍walks ‍and ‍I ‍really ‍appreciate ‍Sue ‍as ‍a ‍person. ‍Jelaine, ‍Dundas

‍Murphy:  You ‍take ‍great ‍care ‍of ‍the ‍dog ‍like ‍they’re ‍yours.  You ‍leave ‍me ‍notes ‍on ‍how ‍the ‍day ‍was.  We ‍appreciate ‍how ‍much ‍you ‍care.  Thanks ‍Sue.  Eric, ‍Lynden ‍ON

‍Tundra:  Sue ‍has ‍been ‍walking ‍my ‍Alaskan ‍Malemute ‍at ‍least ‍4 ‍times ‍a ‍week ‍for ‍a ‍year, ‍and ‍has ‍always ‍been ‍completely ‍reliable.  Sue ‍loves ‍animals ‍and ‍has ‍been ‍able ‍to ‍manage ‍my ‍dog ‍even ‍though ‍he ‍is ‍challenging ‍to ‍walk.  She ‍has ‍also ‍been ‍available ‍for ‍extra ‍walks ‍whenever ‍I ‍have ‍asked ‍and ‍is ‍a ‍pleasure ‍to ‍have ‍as ‍our ‍walker!    Dundas ‍ON

Gabe:  Sue’s dog!

Fergus: Sue has been walking and looking after my dog Fergus for over 5 years.  He LOVES her because she walks him, plays ball with him, feeds him if needed, and treats him like her own dog.  Wags and Whiskers is a reliable service and you can always be comfortable in the knowledge your pet will be well looked after.  Mark from Ancaster.

‍Honey:  Sue ‍has ‍been ‍walking ‍my ‍Honey ‍for ‍approximately ‍2 ‍years, ‍she’s ‍very ‍reliable ‍and ‍dependable.  She ‍goes ‍above ‍and ‍beyond ‍being ‍a ‍dog ‍walker, ‍she ‍usually ‍brings ‍treats ‍for ‍Honey ‍and ‍has ‍brought ‍her ‍stuff ‍toys, ‍and ‍yes ‍they ‍are ‍still ‍in ‍one ‍piece, ‍but ‍that ‍has ‍to ‍do ‍with ‍her ‍age ‍now ‍(12 ‍yrs).  She’s ‍there ‍no ‍matter ‍the ‍weather, ‍sun, ‍rain, ‍snow, ‍hurricane… ‍lol.  She ‍is ‍a ‍truly ‍great ‍person ‍to ‍have ‍in ‍our ‍lives.  Regards, ‍Jeff, ‍in ‍Hamilton

Ollie:  Our dog Ollie is always so excited to see Sue when she comes to take him for his walk.  Sue is very loving and caring with Ollie.  Sue is flexible, reliable, and has been a great asset for us on long work days.  Anne in Ancaster

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